September 17-20, 2014, Mykonos, Greece
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Welcome ... to Mykonos.

    Mykonos is one of the most beautiful and well-known islands of Greece.
The island is in the central Cyclades and thousands of people from all over
the world visit it to enjoy its beaches, the Greek sun and cuisine, as well
as the hospitality of local people. The nearby small island Delos, the sacred
island of ancient Greece, is well worth a visit.

   The Conferenece will take place in the 5-star hotel Saint John. It is located
at the small village of Aghios Ioannis, just 5 km from the town of Mykonos.
    The hotel is right next to the sea. From any one of its rooms you can enjoy the
sunset in the evening, over the island of Delos.


    Apart from the hotel Saint John, where the NEB16 Conference venue is,
participants could also stay at another hotel, Petinos (at lower prices),
located at Platis Gialos, around 5 km away from Saint John.
    A bus has been arranged to transfer the participants to and from Saint John
at the beginning and ending of each session.

The prices for the two hotels are as follows:

single room 2-bed room 3-bed room
Saint John 105 Euro 105 euro 120 euro
Petinos 75 euro 75 euro 100 euro
All prices, include breakfast.
Note that there are special cancellation policies for the bookings.

    In order to book a room, contact either hotel through its webpage, and do not
forget to note that you will attend the NEB16 Conference. The prices above
are special prices just for the NEB Conference. Alternatively, download the
reservation form (it's the same for both hotels), fill it and send it through e-mail
or fax to the Hotel (all information are on the form). Do not forget to note which
hotel and what kind of room you prefer.
Do not forget to contact the hotel to arrange
for a hotel bus to wait for you at the airport (or the port) and give you a ride to the hotel
(for free).

    Alternatively, there are hundreds of hotels and rooms in the island to stay.
In that case you have to arrange your transfer to Saint John by yourself.
If there is any information we could offer, do not hesitate to contact us.

Social Events


About Mykonos and Delos
    Mykonos is part of a cluster of islands including Delos, Rhenia and some rocky islets. Mykonos, already inhabited since the 5th millennium B.C. (prehistoric settlement of Ftelia), has shared with them a long and copious history with them. Its intense tourist and cosmopolitan activity, which has continuously kept Mykonos in the foreground, inevitably reminds us of the cosmopolitan ancient Delos during the period of its commercial peak (Hellenistic-roman period).
    Since the fifties, Mykonos has always been one of the most popular tourist islands of the Mediterranean.
Chora, as the town of Mykonos is commonly known, impresses and casts its spell on the visitor from the first moment, with its beautiful position, scale and architecture. Despite the great tourist development of the island, it manages to maintain its cycladic features and traditional look, like few other towns.
    Its cube-shaped, all white houses glow in the sunlight, scattered wisely and orderly in the countless labyrinthine alleys and streets with whitewashed cobbled pavements. A little further, on a low hill, the windmills, having stood for centuries, compose a picture of unparalleled beauty in combination with red domes and bell towers of the countless churches. In the harbour, a small colorful flotilla of caiques and fishing boats completes this unique picture with its vivid colors.
    All in all, maintaining the form of the traditional architecture of the Cyclades on the modern buildings ensures a unique feeling of harmony to the town and interior of Mykonos. Nothing can be compared, though, to the emotion inspired by the enthralling space of ancient Delos. A real town with its streets and markets, public buildings and temples, luxurious houses and shops, cisterns, columns, mosaics…
    Bathed in perennial sunlight sent by the god Apollo, they are all spread between the hill of Mt. Kynthos and the port with its crystal clear waters, giving the visitor the impression that they stopped functioning only yesterday.
The fame of the island and the large number of visitors, among whom one can recognize some of the most famous personalities all over the world, have resulted in the commercial activity that has made the market of Mykonos so famous.
    So, in the streets of Mykonos, most important of which is Matoyianni, one can buy clothes, jewellery and works of art designed by the most celebrated designers and artists. One wouldn’t exaggerate if one said that, quite often, this is where the trends in fashion and style to prevail worldwide are decided.
    One can enjoy one coffee, or ouzo with titbit and the traditional tastes at the cafes. Bars and restaurants scattered all around, and observe at the same time, a colorful crowd wandering in the narrow streets of the town.
    Chora is also the starting point if you want to discover the rest of the beauties of the island, its picturesque interior and spotless beaches, using a regular bus service or other means of transport.

    The island enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with sunny dry summers and mild rainy winters. During September, clear-sky weather is almost an everyday feature. The atmosphere
is always warm, but not as hot as in July and August. The temperature ranges from 18 to 27 degrees Centigrade.
    Check the weather in Mykonos here.

By air

    During the summer period there are many direct flights to Mykonos from various European cities.

    The airport is named Mykonos Airport (JMK) and is located 5 km from the city of Mykonos and 5 km from Saint John Hotel. You could take a look here for a list of the various airlines that fly to Mykonos.
    Note that the conference period is still high season. We strongly advise you to book your flights as soon as possible.

By sea

Mykonos can be reached from Piraeus (the main port of Athens) daily by boat. Alternatively one can take the boat from Rafina (a more distant port - about an hour from Athens by car) to Mykonos. There are usually 2-3 boats everyday to (either from Piraeus or from Rafina)
and from Mykonos. Boats dock at Mykonos port (at the city of Mykonos). You can find more information about the ferries schedule here (try both Piraeus and Rafina ports).

    When you arrive at Mykonos, you can easily reach the two hotels either from the city of Mykonos, or the airport, by taxi or bus. The taxi cost for these distances is of the order of 5-10 euros. Buses run every hour.
    If you stay in one of the two hotels (Saint John or Petinos) contact the hotels by mail and give them the day of arrival and flight (or ship) so that they send a hotel mini-bus to  drive you at your hotel (this is free of charge).